Coffee Shops in San Francisco You Must Visit

Coffee Shops in San Francisco You Must Visit


There are over 300 coffee shops through the City – that is about 6 per square mile!

SF is an international leader in the progressive, third-tide coffee movement – a movement that aims to make high quality coffee as an artisanal merchandise, like craft beer or wine.

As San Franciscans love their coffee, this can be fantastic news for us. We narrowed down our list to the greatest, after which the greatest of the best to bring you this list of coffee shops before you expire you must see.

Réveille Coffee

When brothers Thomas and Christopher Newbury started selling coffee from a delivery truck that was repurposed Réveille Coffee started in 2010. Four places and six years after, Réveille serving up some of the most delicious coffee and espresso beverages of San Francisco. After moving into Mission Bay only six weeks past, Cafe Réveille has already been creating plenty of buzz on social media and Yelp. With vibrant colors combined with small, artsy decor, Cafe Réveille is an excellent place to grab the coffee, breakfast/lunch or spend a little time telecommuting. (Notice: Cafe Réveille can also be open for dinner and drinks every night.) All beans are roasted in house, and their mocha is among the most used things on the menu. Réveille Coffee has other places in The Castro, Jackson Square and North Beach.
Down the road from the Parnassus Medical Center of UCSF is Golden Bear Trading Company. This unassuming coffee shop sells coffee, spirits and breakfast food -snob approved drinks. This little cafe is a must- was featured to Eat, and go for coffee fans in the Town. Sam, the enthusiastic owner of Golden Bear, continues to be understood to say that should don’t believe his coffee is the greatest, he will give you another cup for free. Sam, challenge accepted! Their taste is almost matching to starbucks to some extent, visit starbucks coffee as well to taste coffee. Starbucks gift card balance for coffee can be used anywhere. Get it from this website.

Andytown Coffee Roasters

Lies Andytown Coffee Roasters, known for his or her Snowy Plover expresso beverage that is iced. It is a concoction of iced espresso, brown sugar syrup, and sparkling water, topped off with delicious house-made whipped cream that gives a run for his or her money to Cool Whip. This beverage is only among the reasons for the long lines that frequently file the door out. Do not skip on scones and the Northern Irish soda bread. Extra incentive: it is just a couple of blocks from Ocean Beach.
Graffeo Coffee Roasting Company is among the earliest artisan coffee roasters of North America. You will locate Graffeo only up the road from Washington Square Park in the guts of North Beach, the famous Italian grotto of San Francisco. Graffeo is not a cafe; it is a roaster. You can just purchase reasons or their deliciously roasted beans. Absolutely worthwhile.

Papa November

Papa November is a coffee truck forever at the corner of 15th Street and Kansas in the Design District of San Francisco, across the road from your Design Center and Design Within Reach. While there is no chairs, it is made up for by the coffee. Serving Stumptown coffee, a variety of legumes rotates each week. Additionally, they sell home made baked goods which change daily. What should you purchase at Papa November? Clearly, there are no seats at the coffee truck of Papa November, so grab a cup to get you prepared for a day of furniture shopping or to go on your way to work.

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Ritual Coffee Roasters started a coffee renaissance in San Francisco. Based from The Assignment, Rite has enlarged to comprise four places including the Oxbow Public Market in Napa and Bayview’s Flora Grubb Gardens. Our favorite is the outpost at the PROXY of Hayes Valley – a modified shipping container that is hipsteriffic. Get caffeinated San Francisco’s version of a Cortado, with their tasty Gibraltar Coffee, and head over to get a pairing that was pleasant.

Philz Coffee

Scratch that. San Francisco would not be whole without Phil! Phil Jaber needed to leave behind a greater legacy for his son, Jacob and was the owner of a miniature supermarket in The Mission District. In his quest to create the right coffee, it took to get Tesoro, his first coffee mix right. Philz is a San Francisco basic with 15 others through the entire Bay Area and 14 places in Town. (Philz in addition has enlarged to La, and he has his eyes set on Washington, DC – we had say he is going to leave behind an excellent heritage.) The Mint Mojito Iced Coffee is among the most used things, combined with the Mocha Tesora – but you actually cannot go wrong with anything here.


Blue Bottle Coffee

Another Bay Area first (Oakland, to be precise), you cannot FAIL at Blue Bottle Coffee. With unique places around the world (Blue Bottle lately opened the store in Tokyo), coffee fans everywhere bunch to Blue Bottle for tasty, handcrafted beverages – particularly their famed iced coffee drinks: the chicory-flavored New Orleans Iced Coffee and creamy Vietnamese Iced Coffee. Our favorite Blue Bottle outpost is undoubtedly the semi-concealed Linden Alley store in Hayes Valley which works out of a garage and encompassed by graffiti artwork.

Fog Lifter Cafe

Fog Lifter Cafe is a little, old-time coffee shop located in the guts of Ingleside. This unpretentious hangout – familiar with SFSU and CCSF pupils and neighborhood residents – serves flavorful coffee roasted by Sightglass and Blue Bottle, together with smoothies, pastries, breakfast scrambles, panini sandwiches and more.

Trouble Coffee Company

Difficulty Coffee Co. is the small coffee shop that could. With its first place based on a miniature store in the far reaches of the Outer Sunset, Trouble Coffee started San Francisco’s artisanal toast craze with $4.00 cinnamon sugar toast on heavy bread. (Hey, the name just began to make sense to us – because you will be in trouble with their bread – calorie-wise, and perhaps financially, also.)

Saint Frank Coffee

This hipster-chic cafe can be found on upper Polk Street in Russian Hill. Saint Frank will cause you to feel like you have been hauled to Copenhagen, with towering ceilings, ample natural lighting, clean lines and minimalistic, white and oak inside. Saint Frank is named after our beloved City as you might have imagined. The menu is modest, and the coffee is on the lighter side (in authentic Scandinavian type).

Piccino Coffee Bar

Piccino is a modern Italian trattoria having an adorable linking coffee bar. This miniature coffee bar serves Sightless coffee, oven-hot stick buns and other homemade pastries which are sure to please. Open until 10:00 PM, it is the perfect stop after dinner in the Dogpatch for a cappuccino. You can locate a seat in the nice Woods Lawn Park across the road while the coffee bar will not have seats.

Coffee Bar

Found between Potrero Hill and the Mission District is among our favorite places in San Francisco, Coffee Bar. This cozy, but modern coffeehouse features a split level store with pavement and courtyard seats, and serves coffee, and espresso beverages sourced from Mr. Espresso. This exceptional area offers lunch and breakfast items, including sweets, sandwiches, salads and, obviously. Come by this relaxing coffeehouse for his or her Havana Latte -!


How to use WhatsApp on Windows 10 PC?

Undoubtedly, the features of Windows 10 are incomparable with any of the previous versions of windows. It is super fast and easy version and it unites the best features of Windows version 7 and 8.1. Windows 10 enhanced the database of the consumer and make it up to standard. Now it is more convenient to use Android and iOS as a portable system with an amazing and advanced version of Windows and apps are also increased in number because of the most awaited software which is Windows 10.

These days Whatsapp is an immensely used platform to send and receive messages, photos, audios, and even videos with your friends or colleagues free of cost. All you need is a good internet connection to make use of this outstanding App. But what is the advantage of using Whatsapp for Windows 10? It allows you to use Whatsapp not only on your phone but also on PC especially when your phone is out of reach.

If you are a user of Windows 10 and want to use Whatsapp on your Windows PC but have no idea that what is an appropriate method for it then simply follow the instructions below:

Method to use Whatsapp on Windows PC

  • Go to Google Chrome download website on PC
  • Now press “download” button
  • Select “For Personal Computers”
  • Accept “Terms and Conditions”
  • Now “Download” and “Install” Chrome
  • Open the “Chrome browser” and go to “”
  • QR code will appear on your PC
  • Just scan the code with the help of mobile phone that has installed Whatsapp in it
  • After scanning the QR code with the mobile phone, the page will automatically refresh and Whatsapp messages will appear on the screen.

Use Whatsapp on Windows 10 Edge Browser

If you don’t want to download an additional browser to your PC, then here is another method to use Whatsapp on Windows 10 Edge browser.

  • Select “Microsoft Edge browser”
  • Go to “WhatsApp Web”
  • You will be passed on to

In the list of Whatsapp Web compatible browsers, Microsoft Edge is omitted. But this issue can be resolved by simply creating a QR code as below:

  • To open the Microsoft Edge Developer Tool Window, press F12 key
  • Now select “Emulation” Tab
  • Select “User Agent String”
  • Go to drop menu and alter the user agent string value to Chrome from Default Microsoft Edge
  • Go to the previous tab which was used to launch Whatsapp Web
  • Now refresh the web page
  • The Whatsapp QR code will appear on the page
  • Then scan the QR code with the help of your phone
  • The page will be refreshed right after the QR code scanning and Whatsapp messages will appear on the page.

Both methods are reliable, and you can apply any of the above methods to use Whatsapp on Windows PC.

How to choose an online plagiarism detector

Detecting plagiarism is not an easy task. With so much information available online, plagiarism is a big concern. With the help of the internet, anyone can copy all kinds of information related to any topic and pass it as their work. Plagiarism detection in academia is a must. Without a proper plagiarism detecting software, it is not possible to know if the work is unique or copied. Thanks to the latest technology today, there are a huge number of plagiarism checkers available online. Some of the plagiarism checkers are free, while others cost money, which poses another problem.

How can you choose?

With so many software and websites available to check plagiarized work, it is not easy to know which one to choose. It seems like an overwhelming task. However, the process of choosing plagiarism checkers can be easy if you know what to look.

Types of plagiarism checking software

When you start looking for plagiarism software, you should know what material you are checking. There is separate software for academics, blogs, web content and published works. An excellent plagiarism detectoris capable of doing all kinds of plagiarism checks. You just need to paste the text and start checking.

Online checkers

A good place for you to look for plagiarism detectors is online. The web is full of free websites which allow you to check and detect plagiarism in your text. Most of the websites which offer free tools for plagiarism detection are not 100% accurate, but it does not mean that every website which offers free plagiarism services is inaccurate. There are a few free websites which offer 100% accurate results.

The quality of a good plagiarism tool is that it will not just check for the text on websites and article directories, but it will also compare your work with blogs, article directories, websites, magazines, books, journals, academic papers, etc. This is how you can get 100% accurate results.

Therefore, always choose the plagiarism software that checks all these resources to detect plagiarism. Any software that skips these places of information will not produce 100% accurate results.

When you plan a family holiday

Select a place that suits all

When you plan on taking a trip with your family, it is important that you settle for a destination that would have something to attract all the people concerned. It is advisable to opt for a holiday destination that would have some attraction for all the family members so that they can look forward to the trip. While it is true that the purpose of the family holiday is to ensure the whole family spends some time together, it is equally important that you make sure that individual preferences are also taken into account.

Among the various holiday destinations that you have as choices for family trips, one that you should try out is Dubai. With beautiful Dubai desert safaris and a shopping heaven, the city has a lot to offer. Dubai is the kind of place where you can be certain that the entire family will have something to be excited about. Of course, it is the safaris that most people tend to be most excited about.

If time allows, you can ensure that your trip is comprised of a bit of an Arabian night adventure in the desert. A night in the silent and enchanting atmosphere of the desert will certainly be heavenly. Dune bashing is also something that you can enjoy on the morning dubai safari trip.

There are different historical areas that you can check out when you are in Dubai, everything from the landscapes to the architecture and cuisines will leave you impressed. Thus, if you are planning to take a family trip, it would be a good idea to keep Dubai in mind. This is the place that would not let you down. It will certainly make for a great family holiday where everyone involved will be satisfied.

Is a smartphone smart? (Hint: yes!)

Here’s the progression, as far as I can see it from here at CES, in Vegas: the first official smartphone was the Blackberry, which did more than make phone calls. Yes, it sent the email. Not glamorous, but pretty nice. And hence, the hunched, be-suited masses stooped over their palm-sized devices and swayed back and forth on the platform in Bronxville, waiting for the 7:03.


Then, some smart manufacturer put a camera in a cell phone. Suddenly the camera I mean phone began to groan. Its tiny little processor chip had to strain to move all of that content. Pictures, after all, take up tons of space.

So what did RIM (aka Blackberry) do? Nothing! At least, not right away. Who needs a camera when you’re squinting at a spreadsheet?

But with the advent of cameras in phones, and faster processors to handle them, came fast chips; then really fast networks to move the video data that the newer, even faster chips could move. And, well, you get the picture: about two years later, we’re now walking around with the palm-sized equivalent of an amazingly fast computer.

Seriously. Consider Motorola’s new ATRIX phone and system. The smartphone has dual-core processors (faster than your average laptop, trust me), and 1 Gigabyte of RAM, meaning the chip doesn’t feel suffocated when it’s moving video. Oh, And forward-and-back facing cameras. And a security ‘swipe’ bar that lets you keep anybody who doesn’t have your fingerprints open your phone.

In other words, LOTS of stuff. How smart is it? Very.

But then he next step was adding processing power to cell phones.


I see 3D in your future!

Mark Norris here from NBC Universal’s Digital Products and Services team.  CES 2016 has started off with a bang of exciting announcements.  At yesterday’s press release we saw LG, Panasonic, and Sony “double down” on 3D.  Novelty or not, chances are the TV you buy in the next 24 months with being 3D enabled.  Both Panasonic and Sony showcased their entire 3D ecosystem from production and creation to display and consumption.  Both are also making large investments in the education and training of content creators while also outfitting the consumer with low-cost methods for creating 3D content at home.


LG made a splash with a new 3D technology spec called FPR (Film Patterned Retarder).  The glasses are cheaper, lighter and stylish enough to be used as regular sunglasses!  All bets are off on whose technology will win and if a 3D technology standard can be achieved, so the consumers don’t have to buy different glasses for the various sets in the home.

Microsft came out swinging this year with a focused and direct press release that showcased the success of the XBOX360 with Kinect, the launch of Windows Phone 7, and the exciting new advances of Windows 7 OS.   I remember buying my first XBOX in 2001 so excited for the possibilities an ethernet enabled console would bring to gaming.

Fast forward ten years and the XBOX360 an active online gaming ecosystem called LIVE, video entertainment from Zune, Netflix, ESPN and now Huluplus all controlled with nothing more than your voice and hands.  Amazing! The launch of Windows Phone 7 has generated quite a buzz.  Microsoft touted 5,500 apps since the fall launch, but they have a way to go to catch up to Google and Apple and their combined 400k+ App footprint.  Lastly, Windows OS 7 will not work with SoC and ARM platforms giving Windows the possibility to work on any device and any platform.  Windows in your car stereo?  It could happen!