10 Ideas To Make Beautiful Your Home

10 Ideas To Make Beautiful Your Home

As in any corner of the house, also on the facades we can dare with changes and restructuring. Playing with colors, materials, lines and shapes you can get to make a spectacular-looking facade, just like your fantasy to imagine. Elegant or innovative, or simply surprising.

But being an external element must be taken into account the direct and continuous contact with the atmospheric agents and therefore this requires the use of good quality materials that do not deteriorate under the constant exposure to the sun, cold, wind, rain and frost. As a facade is for life (or most) will be good to carefully select the materials with which we intend to achieve it. If you will need a restyling after many years, this will cost much less if below is a good starting point. In this article we show some examples of tropical facades that the mere sight can not help but make you fall madly in love. Look and be surprised!

Proper lighting

As for the lighting in the bathroom, take care of the spotlights provides not too intrusive, that will not disturb when you wake up in the morning and you are still sleepy. Of course you also have to have the bulbs from flawless performance that enable you to see well your face at the time of makeup or shaving.window frames and beams that cover the sloping roof gives a sense of warmth and welcome environment.

creative divisions

Creativity is what sets this bathroom where they were used of booths made of metal circles that divide areas of the room. Deserves a comment the electric blue paint lying on the main wall which gives character to any bathroom.

Wall Coating

It is ultra modern style to triumph in this small room for which they were chosen of health has square edges. Small green tiles give character and vibrancy to the room. Excellent idea of ??the mirror which extends over the entire wall because it promotes the perception of a larger size. Also worthy of note is the large shower with sliding glass.

with ceramic decoration

The bathroom must first have a fresh and clean look. In this picture we show, worthy of note is the shower room where the wall has been covered with colored tiles that break the linearity of the color white. It is a small device that greatly improves the overall style.

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