A Young Woman Becomes Independent And Transformed 24 Square Meters In A Fabulous House

A Young Woman Becomes Independent And Transformed 24 Square Meters In A Fabulous House

This work was a real challenge, a fight against the space! In 24 square meters it was necessary to accommodate a whole apartment. Impossible, you say! Yet the interior of Tout Simplement Deco designers – a study of Paris – have made it great! Of course, to realize such a project required ingenuity, determination and a good dose of creativity. Let’s see how they did it!

First a small, untidy kitchen

They do not need many words to describe the dire state besetting the kitchen before surgery. It was simply a squalid corner, with few elements combined randomly http://www.indolexa.com, without the slightest attempt to create something pleasing. The disorder, then, reigned supreme, which further worsened things.

After a pleasant and functional kitchen

Well, now it is a real kitchen! Obviously it’s not the kitchen of a restaurant, is small and has just enough, though nothing is missing! The arrangement in L, with the column for household appliances has allowed to have a large enough work plan. The lighting with LED lights positioned under the wall units is optimal for cooking.

First a bad dining room organized

Even the dining room, before the works, appeared chaotic and rather unpleasant. There was a logic in the arrangement, no attempt to optimize space and no decorative element. The walls had been left empty.

After a perfect dining room

After the work, finally the space is maximized with a mobile wide, which uses the vertical surface and provides space to store the dining table, after use, so as not to clutter the room. The table is a beautiful piece of design, it is oak and has an extendable table. In this way, you can embed in the mobile, the bottom of which has been left blank, or, if there are guests, can be opened and widened. Excellent idea to do so in light wood, such as the flooring, creating a pleasant contrast with the chairs and mobile.

After a cozy space

After the work, here is a completely renovated space, full of interesting details that make it cozy, such as pillows, pots and coffee table, with its particular form. The use of furniture with elegant design gives character to this small space, but with infinite potential.

… Et voila!

The bed is placed on the wall and can be opened if necessary. This not unnecessarily cluttered the room. It is a solution that requires a small investment in more, but it is definitely worth it, because use a sofa bed is definitely less convenient.

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