Dear School, Apps That Help You Save

Dear School, Apps That Help You Save

Fight the first school apps that help you save money on books, accessories, stationery and more. Here is the app to download for the school that will help you keep aside a bit ‘of money at the end of the month!

With the start of school at the gates, the costs begin to be many, including backpacks, books, diaries, pencil cases and stationery of various types, your wallet empties quickly, especially if the children of school age are starting to be more than one .

Despite the crisis affecting Italy as a bit ‘of time now, the prices of school supplies do not seem to decrease and the average receipt change much depending on the age and the school attended.

If in the past to save us turned to flea and gracious shops donations from friends and relatives whose children were now grown up, today there are more innovative ways to experience. Here are the apps that help fight the high cost of school saving you in a simple and fast!
Pick my book, to buy and sell used books

No more queues at used book stores, because there’s Pick my Book, a site with its app for Android and iOS to buy or sell used books. This service allows you to sell books online, with no limit on year of publication, number of volumes and gender, uploading title, requests and price information for each text with three photos of random pages to ensure the state. A practical and safe way to save money on textbooks!
Uppy, to print notes and handouts

Uppy is one of the most popular innovations because it comes from young people and designed for young people to create a network of students and copy shops where to print notes and handouts for free. Simply register online and start your search for the material. The system works through a number of sponsors that appear through their logo on printed handouts.

Diary of School, a digital diary

We are sure that the paper diary is still essential With Diary of older students can take notes and annotations in digital format to share with classmates and keeping the register of the votes, also calculating the averages without using the classic paper diary to which we have been accustomed all.

My school manager, a digital organizer

Very similar to the previous one, the app My school manager for Android and iPhone is a valuable replacement for your old paper diary at almost zero cost, just for the environment but for the family budget. This app allows you not only to score homework and tests in class by creating a checklist to tick, but also record the votes of each subject by putting them in a customizable list.

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