Arrangement Of Lights For Photos Of Portraits In Indoor Tips

Arrangement Of Lights For Photos Of Portraits In Indoor Tips

Another thing you do for a fact is that, in your practice, be provided with stators (if necessary) and a backdrop. If you have been particularly good, you’ll also have hidden electrical cables that feed the bulbs to prevent someone stumbles: a solution is to use the “slides” from the floor.

A first configuration is that relating to the set from the portrait. As you could lighten up the equipment to curb spending, the best solution is as follows:

a softbox flash plus 3 which directed none were employed at the subject: both leg bounce the light on the bottom while the front end of a polystyrene panel. The result is as follows, with the total absence of shadows.
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In the case of a set of still life, a solution can be the following:

In from still life sets we were used a loudspeaker before the object to be photographed and a flashing light directed toward the seabed. The light of the backdrop, diffused toward the object, is further diffused from the two side panels (rifrettenti) so as to evenly erase shadows on both sides. And here’s the result:

The slightly different arrangement of lights in the case where the bottom is no longer white but one opts for a colored screen or, better still, black (set of black portrait):

The number of lights has been reduced to only 4, two necessary for the cancellation of the shadows on your subject and two, soft lighting from the front. Obviously with a black set you do not have the option to use the bounce light as well as you do not have the problem of creating shadows on the backdrop. The result is the following:

A set for photo low key even easier: the black backdrop will in fact associated with one light source, also not very powerful. Such a study:

E ‘can make us take a picture like this:

Let’s now look at some situations that can be generated outside: a classic situation is that of photography with the sun placed before the subject and therefore more or less next to the photographer (set outdoors). In this situation it is important to soften the shadows created by the sun and the use of a single outdoor lamp, positioned orthogonally to the sun (as in rays) may be the solution:

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