Bathroom With A Touch Of Color

Bathroom With A Touch Of Color

Use the color is an increasingly viable to make lively space. As we see in this example, the bright red is used to coat the ceiling and make more alive the space dominated by white.

The elegance of stone

The exposed stone is capable of creating a spectacular game of contrasts, a natural texture to be enhanced with clever lighting arrangement.

fine finishes

The use of marble is an elegant choice that allows the enrichment of the bath with natural patterns of great delicacy and light sophistication.

One of the other world light

The light becomes color Emanating from inside the base of the sink, the LED light creates a texture of reflections, shadows, high-impact shades.

eclectic style

If the bathroom is small, the use of an eclectic style becomes a useful answer to exploit every corner and make organic the overall result.

The beauty of the textures

To effectively identify different portions and functions within the bath without resort to sharp separations, a very effective option is to use a differentiation in surface textures, to associate, as we see, the use of a multiplication of light spots targeted.

The magic of mirrors

The mirror is inevitable element in the bathroom. Also solution to broaden the natural boundaries when the volumes available are limited. In this case, the wider the reflective surface is better.

Rustic and modern

The bago we see in this picture provides a wonderful example of a blend of rustic and modern. The wood and stone are used effectively, creating functional spaces full of warmth.

raw concrete walls

The cement is interesting material from the perspective of bathroom planning. Essential, rigorous, but also able to be snug and warm, thanks to a clever use of light.

natural lighting

The maximum use of natural light in the bathroom is an ideal solution to find a balanced and pleasant configuration.

Creating new spaces

Cabinets and shelves are very useful accessories that can be hidden and made invisible in space, hidden from view. To create new spaces, corners that are able to be functional without cluttering the space or make it stuffy.

One bathroom!

A shower with multiple jets, at different heights and different intensities. For a bath to relax and find new energy. The light, then, makes the dramatic and pleasing effect.

Are you looking for ideas for your bathroom Here you will find other interesting inspirations.

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