Best USB 2.0 Keys TDK TF60

Best USB 2.0 Keys TDK TF60

Very high performance and at the same time a good price this vintage style of the historic TDK brand with an internal storage of 16 GB. It provides the right balance between read and write speeds the first is 8 MB s and the second, which is, of course, much more important than 14 MB s. The attachment is also ultra slim to block the USB port as little as possible. It is also very easy to attach this USB key to the keychain, and the brand is very reliable as it has produced quality products since the VHS era.

Best USB 2.0 Keys Silicon Power Ultima U05

Beautiful USB stick with mid-brushed and half-fingered anti-fingerprint design, shock-resistant, 64GB capacity and high quality-price ratio But the most striking feature is speed, which can even reach 30 MB s, results that are more tiring to USB 3.0 technology. The pen does not have a hood, but a convenient slide button to portray the USB connection inside the key when not in use. There is also a LED indicator that informs you of the status of data transfer.

Best USB 2.0 Keys SanDisk Cruzer Glide

128 mega mega storage drive really has a great bargain; SanDisk is one of the most trusted brands to which when it comes to storage devices and therefore it’s worth it if you have to buy a large key. Also, it is unusual to find 128 GB valid USB 2.0 keys, so already having found this brand is a lucky one. In addition to the internal memory, the quality of the materials is exceptional the pen drive is impact resistant, X-rays and even water. Its write speed is 6 MB s, and for such a large key to such a price is a very good thing.

Best USB 3.0 Keys Kingston Data Traveler R3.0

Complete key in all respects. Aesthetically it boasts a rugged design that provides high resistance to any type of impact, and is also water resistant and diving up to one meter deep. The key has 16 GB of capacity, has a crash price and a supersonic speed when compared to this price. Reading reaches 120 MB per second, while writing amounts to 25 MB per second. Obviously, we would like to inform you, for those who did not know, that the USB 3.0 keys are quietly retrocompatible with the standard 2.0. Some may agree to buy the first ones if they have a limited budget or know they have to use pen drives only with older PCs.

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