Cancer Horoscope – Know About the True Characteristic Traits

Cancer is the fourth largest sign and it originated in the Cancer constellation. Individuals born from June 22nd to July 22nd fall under this category. It’s essentially a water signal and also the ruling planet is the moon. The emblem of the sun sign is really a Crab which suggests the quick thinking and life span of the Cancer people. Individuals of the zodiac sign are sensitive, protective, highly psychological and positive. They love spending time with their loved ones members and friends. This sun sign can be called the paradox of the twelve signs which are their from the zodiac calendar.

Cancer Horoscope - Know About the True Characteristic Traits

Favorable attributes: They are extremely emotional, positive, innovative, sympathetic, protective, Shrewd, Intuitive, older, patient and caring.

Negative characteristics: They can be moody, impulsive, additional emotional sometimes and exceptionally touchy. If they’re in a significant relationship they then find it extremely tough to let go.

Important Truth about Cancer

Lucky colour: Yellow and White

Element: Water

Estimated amount: 2,7,11, 16, 20, 25

Modality: Cardinal

If it comes to falling in love that the Cancerians are exceptionally sensitive and vulnerable. If the connection isn’t powerful then they get hurt easily. They’re true romantics at heart and they actually love and protect their nearest and dearest with all their might. They feel insecure quite easily that’s exactly why their spouse should guarantee them frequently. They’re quite vulnerable to mood swings and they may also be quite manipulative in some specific scenarios. They like to settle down together with the one they genuinely love. Zodiak Cancer Hari ini

Professional lifestyle

I’d love to inform you that it’s a cash sign that’s why all of the people who belong to the sign like to make a fantastic deal of money. A few fantastic career selections for your Cancerians are nurse, banker, surgeon, builder, educator, actor, astrologer as well as chefs.

The disorder Cancer is thought to have named following this sun sign just that’s the reason why individuals who belong to this should take great care of the liver, chest, stomach, breastfeeding, reproductive organs and uterus.


Cancerians are most compatible with Gemini, Virgo, Taurus and Pisces.

I’m sure this guide will allow you to acquire some fantastic details regarding Cancer Research.

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