Customer Lifetime Value Calculator and RJ Metrics’ Cloud BI for Social Media’s ROI

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator – If that’s your goal, it’s a good idea to calculate your customer lifetime value (CLV) forecast.

Customer Lifetime Value is the profit earned from a customer throughout the period of relationship with your company or business.

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator and RJ Metrics' Cloud BI for Social Media's ROI

You can use the Customer Lifetime Value Calculator to find out not only what the new clue is your cost but also whether it is worth it.

If you’re looking for a tool that provides a very fast estimate of your customer value, a feature called

Customer Lifetime Value Calculator can be a perfect tool. With this tool, you can create CLV for each different customer group.

For example, a jewelry store can calculate the value of a customer who generates huge profits, once, high value purchases such as wedding rings, as well as customers who buy bracelets that are much cheaper, but who come back on average six times to add to their bracelet collection.

By knowing an estimated CLV, you can quickly determine how much you are willing to allocate budget on lead generation or campaigns to generate engagement in social media. Customer Lifetime Value Tool is free and fast.

RJ Metrics’ Cloud BI

For a more in-depth analysis of CLV, try RJ Metrics’ CloudBI as one of the Measuring ROI Social Media tools. This tool not only automatically calculates CLV, it will even outline the deeper CLV to show which social media channels generate the most Customers.

RJ Metrics also offers outstanding features such as churn analysis that provide insight into your customer behavior, and analysis of marketing ROI as it relates to customer acquisition costs. RJ Metrics can help determine customer behavior, an accurate CLV, and ROI. For more detail visit Social Media Guide site.

In addition, RJ Metrics will show the overall value based on the source of acquisition and profitability re-order from different sources. This will help you decide which advertising platforms on social media work for you and which are worth continuing to invest.You can even have reports sent to you on a regular basis.CLV is an important metric when determining accurate ROI for lead generation and social media campaigns.

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