Does Drinking Green Tea Help You Lose Weight

The green tea can decrease the weight because there were so many proves that showing the green tea can enhance the fat combustion, so the body became slim. Otherwise the green tea has anti-oxidants and useful substance for decreasing fat in the body. Of course, the green tea wasn’t only as the warm drinking, but also the slim drinking. Drinking green tea can enhance metabolism and give feel satisfied in the body, so it can help to slim the body and diet.

Does drinking green tea help you lose weight
In fact, antioxidant can be able to fight and prevent the broken cell, help in lowering the body’s fat. These were following items the green tea drink ways for losing weight, namely :
1.Drink two to six a day, from pouring ways and exactly dosage. This is important to maximum the quality the green tea for diet.
2. Concern the time to drink green tea which can speed up the slim body, namely drink it after eating and didn’t drink it in the morning when the stomach was empty.
3.Drink it every day, became it the habits. It’s pleasant if you made the schedule to drink the green tea in the morning and evening after eating.
4.The replace from hungry. In doing the weight lowering usually happened disturbance of hungry, so the solution was consuming the green tea. Therefore, a cup of green tea can make satisfying a long time.
5.Don’t mix another material to the green tea. The sugar or another mixture will broke the quality green tea
6.Don’t drink it the cool condition or o warm. Present the green tea when the temperature eighty to ninety degree celcius and didn’t save it a long time. The exact time’s to present the green tea before consuming four to five minutes.
The green tea was the effective tools as the weight lower, so many people want to decrease the weight healthy with using the green tea. Therefore, it’s magic if the green tea became the solution for societies who wanted to slim their bodies.

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