Focus on the Process, Not the Result

Focus on the Process, Not the Result

When most men and women consider art, they think about something static and unchanging. If properly maintained, a bit of artwork can stay the exact same for decades or perhaps centuries. It is possible to see a painting in the art museum for a young child, then return and see the identical painting as an adult–and it is still precisely the same. For all these reasons and more, individuals have a tendency to look at art as something already ceased, something in a standstill. The practice is immaterial; it is merely a means to a end.

However, this isn’t correct.

And in the present world, even artists have begun to think that myth. They pay little attention to the creative process, rather rushing through as rapidly as possible so that they could sell the item and continue on to another one. The procedure is a chore, although the final piece is your reward. With deadlines looming forward, there is no space for spontaneity, imagination, or last-minute alterations.

As artists, it is time to break from that old mentality and permit our art to alter and grow into its entire potential.

We sketch out our fast changing eyesight, begin applying paint to the canvas, make changes and adjustments as the brush guides us, and sometimes wind up getting an entirely different piece entirely. Art is so spontaneous and fluid that occasionally even we can not think what we’ve created!

As soon as you end up creating “finishing touches” forever, without ever really completing, it is usually because of a dissatisfaction with the completed work. Stop torturing yourself; even should you concentrate on the action of creating instead of the action of completing, more frequently than not you will know precisely when you are done, and it’ll often surprise you since you were not paying attention to the end line.

It is very important to establish goals and work toward deadlines, but if you find the creative process as only a means to a end, you’re sap all of the pleasure from your own job. Work intuitively and allow the picture signify your inner vision. The very best contemporary painters are continuously evolving and experimenting, trying to drive their job to another level. If you would like to make, become a founder–not somebody who yells something together in a race to the end.


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