Football Playing Tips for Beginners

Football is one sport activities with devotees so much. Almost the whole world, this sport is popular. Indonesia is one country in the world that is so fond of football. Actually doing sports games are some tips, especially for beginners or kids wanting to become proficient in the round leather processing.

One of the world’s top players Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi learning to play football from an early age. They practice in schools football or what we call in Indonesia typically Football School (SSB). For friends who want to learn to play the ball or want to teach their children can join in SSB. Usually in every area some SSB.

Tips to play football is actually quite easy, but the most important before entering into a troubleshooting technique is to play football you have to know in advance the talents or interests owned. Playing football requires physical strength to support, even not just physically are in demand must be prime, but creativity, concentration and agility in movement without the ball.

engineering kicking a ball


Sign kedalan discussion of techniques to play ball for beginners , as much as possible in this article will describe in detail about any technique that must be mastered for any beginners to proficient in playing football:

  • Run

It seemed highly unlikely that playing football is not doing this. And it seems very strange if it should be a leisurely stroll when playing the ball. Running is a specific requirement and mandatory to be able to be done by every footballer. Running without dribbling as possible is really easy, but ran that in barengi to dribble require concentration.

Try to train the leg strength, so that when the technique ran on olaharaga game, the two legs do not get tired that result can be affected by cramps in the calf. As already mentioned above, play ball requires agility, so that the foot becomes more licah or agile, it’s worth doing exercises with zigzag running technique will provide agility in your legs.

  • Dribbling

Dribbling is running while dribbling movement. Practicing this technique is quite important, because it is not possible to play the ball without dribbling movement.

Doing this technique requires concentration, because of the movement when running while dribbling often makes it difficult for beginners. It’s good if you want to practice dribbling try to practice by dribbling straight ahead a few meters.

  • Technics Kicking Ball

At the exact technique most preferred by the football enthusiast . Technics kicking the ball is actually quite simple and easy. There are two tips in order to kick a ball kicked at yield has art that is not only rely on force alone.

The first is kicked by using the leg side part. Usually by kicking like this are used to feed or can be shot straight towards the goal. The second is the kick with the back legs or feet outside. If you’ve seen a banana kick Roberto Carolos , this technique can now be used.

  • Technics ball

Playing football can not be done just by myself or both of us, certainly in every game this olaharga require a compact team. Teamwork is needed in the name of the technique to pass the ball . This technique is one of the most basic techniques in playing ball.

Ball basic technique is often underestimated by many people. Yet if we look at the European League or call it like the English Premier League and the Spanish League , most of the players did the pass ( passing ) with very beautiful.


Playing football requires physical strength to support because they have to run, jump and even not uncommon for football players professionals and amateurs compete fisilk to snatch the ball from the opponent’s leg.

Play simple or simple adala one trick to save energy. No need malakukan lot of movement but enough tactical play then you will not waste too much energy.

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