Helpful Accessories For Hitch Mount Cargo Carrier

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After installing the hitch mount cargo carrier on your car, you might just realize it. Back side of the car gets a lot of dirt, and the least area you could protect while driving. Absolutely, you need additional accessories to give extra protection for your luggage. Purchase the most practical items only.

  1. Tie Down

Stacking suitcase in order of their weight is a good start. But how to make them stay still during the trip? Tie it down with strap, bungee or net. When you don’t put too much boxes on the board, these tightening devices will be firmly hold your luggage in place without any damage.

  1. Waterproof Bag

Who knows how the weather will greet you? It may be sunny or raining on the way. Better be prepared by layering the boxes inside the waterproof bag. Another option is to cover all luggage with waterproof sheet.

  1. Anti-Rattle Tightener

Keep in mind that the hitch carrier is only the extension of your trailer bar. Tolls will reduce the shaking board, but bumpy road or speed bump will initiate harder shock. This often makes the bar squeaking loudly. Kill the disturbing noise by installing the anti-rattle tightener.

  1. Hitch Lock

Stay safe with hitch lock. During break time in your trip, you occasionally stop on a rest area to take a rest. No eyes will monitor your belonging. Depending only on the net will not help much since it is easy to cut.

  1. Lighting Kits

Big luggage consumes big space on the back of your car. In some cases, you have to re-install the license number and lights on more visible spot. Lighting kits might be a way out, because it could be installed on the hitch cargo.

Loading the luggage on the carrier board is not a problem. How about the threat during the trip? Some simple examples include rain, mud, noise and thief. Save your holiday by keeping the luggage on a waterproof bag, then lock it. Don’t forget the anti rattle device for your hitch mount cargo carrier to silence the creaking noise.

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