History of the Mercedes-Benz S Class Flagship Sedan

The Mercedes Benz S Class sedan may be the leading and top quality vehicle by Mercedes Benz. The S Class is the flagship sedan, and sells around $91,000 to $140,000. Most of the world’s wealthiest people drive S Class sedans, and that i aspire to become one of these. After relaxing in several S Class sedans, and driving other Mercedes Benz automobiles, it’s not hard to say there’s little else that may even compare. The S Class sedan may be the sedan that you simply see has got the latest and finest features inside a vehicle first, that are then passed on towards the E and C Class Mercedes Benz models.

The very first official S Class sedan goes back to 1972, although there have been comparable Mercedes Benz models towards the S Class dating back to 1954. In 1973, Mercedes Benz introduced the W116 S Class sedan, that was created through 1979. The vehicle was among the first automobiles to possess extra security features, for example ABS or Antilock Stopping system, in addition to getting an very spacious interior and enormous exterior, which assisted safeguard you in collisions. This type of the S Class features either an 8 cylinder engine offered by 3.5 liters to six.9 liters, in addition to a 3. liter turbo diesel, for that cheaper fuel efficient choice. .

In 1979, the upgraded S Class, referred to as W126 was launched. The styling with this model was transformed slightly, even though the overall size and general idea of the automobile continued to be exactly the same. Various safety along with other features were added, to make this vehicle much more in front of the occasions, and splendid. This model featured 6 cylinder engines, 8 cylinder, and turbo diesel engines, because it was attempting to become more fuel efficient, as well as had certain the rules of aerodynamics transformed. This model was among the best selling Mercedes automobiles ever, and probably the most popular versions from the S Class luxury sedan.

In 1991 a brand new design was launched, which personally is among my personal favorite designs. Her classic appearance of Mercedes within the the nineteen nineties, that was transformed slightly in the previous Mercedes designs to ensure they are look a bit more modern. I still see these S Classes on the highway frequently, despite them being so old, since these cars were created to last 100s of 1000’s of miles. The vehicle was obtainable in both 6 and eight cylinder engines, varying from 2.8 to six. liters. Like previous versions, it had been available too inside a turbo diesel, even though it was upgraded to three.5 liters.

1999, the S Class could be remodeled again, which is another extremely popular look among S Classes, and still seen on the highway today. This model was obtainable in both a V6 to some V12, that is 6. liters. The fuel efficiency of the vehicle is extremely poor, usually around 12 mpg city, even though it has not been exceptional for this type of large vehicle.

2005, the S Class was remodeled again, and by this redesign still remains. This is among my personal favorite designs also, and within this vehicle is completely gorgeous. The vehicle is very luxurious, and it has probably the most luxury feel to the vehicle, or perhaps house I have have you been in. relaxing in one of these simple new S Classes was unbelievable, and it was great motivation to operate challenging to get whatever you decide and want in existence.

Overall, the Mercedes Benz S Class is a superb vehicle, if you’re able to afford one, I’d recommend you allow one a go. The comparable BMW 7 series is another great vehicle, but typically scores reduced Consumer Reviews rankings, in addition to reliability rankings, etc. To learn more, take a look at MBUSA.com, to look into the Mercedes Benz S Class, along with other new things by Mercedes Benz.

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