Natural Weight Gainer Which is Easy to Get

How to gain a healthy weight is one of the most sought-after information. How not, most people now may be considered thin and want to improve appearance by gaining weight quickly. For those of you who are looking for similar information, you should listen to the following information.

In addition, most people have problems with overweight and want to lose weight to have a proportional body, on the other hand there are some people who have less weight and are now looking for the most effective solution to gain weight and he got the weight Ideal body and proportional too.

Weight Gainer

1. Eat 500 extra healthy calories every day

If you add these to your daily diet, then there is a possibility you can gain your weight up to 0.5 kg even more each week. However, nevertheless still consult your doctor or nutritionist and choose foods that calorie but still contain high nutrients.

2. Increase the intensity and the portion of the meal

If you usually eat 2-3 times a day, to get the desired weight you should eat at least up to 4-5 times a day. That way, your body will get a lot of carbohydrates and other important nutrients. So it is likely your weight will quickly rise to the number you expect.

3. Set meal schedule

How can your weight increase, if you rarely eat, In addition to eating a lot, it also needs to be balanced with a regular meal schedule. Like 3 big meals and 2 snacks: breakfast – snacks – lunch – snacks – dinner.

And most importantly do not miss breakfast, because breakfast is the main fuel source before you do various activities on that day. In addition, evening meal is also important. Choose foods that are high in calories and protein foods and set dinner hours more exactly 1-2 hours before bedtime. It is intended that the food consumed is actually stored in the body into muscle and fat tissue, so it can help increase your body mass quickly.

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