Primitive Technology: Sandals

Walking bare foot Carrying water for plants Fire wood for kilns Clay for pottery Stone for foundations Grass for thatch Scorpion for dramatic effect Cracking feet Cutting loya cane (hand axe is used instead to avoid damaging the hafted stone hatchet on anvil stone) Spikes These are removed by pulling the leaves back and

down. The whole sheath comes off, spikes included More cane Measure out a length 6 times that of the foot Form 2 loops Put between the toes of both feet Weave another length of cane in and out between the loops This is standard weaving (over under) Pull back to tighten weave Add new lengths as the old ones finish Using one toe now to narrow sandal width (sandal is pointing backwards here) Cut excess and weave back into sandal Finished sole Tree with fibrous bark.thats how Jual busana muslim murah .Fallen branch underneath Break dead branch to strip bark Strip fibrous inner bark from outer bark Twisting cordage Twist 2 strands individually clockwise and together anticlockwise so they hold together Measure about 5 times foot length Thread through sandal with stick (the weave is tight) Now twist the two lengths of cord together Thread cords through back of sandal Making another sandal Finished sandals Put foot in sandal Cross cords behind heal Thread cords back under and then tie over foot Stone and sandal Carrying water Fire wood Stone Clay Grass Scorpion approves Sandals

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