The Differences Between Three Best Chocolate – Dark, White and Milk Chocolate

When entering the chocolate shop, what is generally done by the fans of chocolate is to choose the most preferred type of chocolate, and then indulge tongue after confirming the choice. As it is known in general that there are three kinds of chocolate are generally marketed at this time. The third is a dark chocolate, white and milk chocolate. of course there are differences among these three types. Have you known what the difference is?

On taste, dark chocolate has a bitterer flavor and characteristic of the most preferred chocolate lovers. And milk chocolate flavor was ranked second with more mains than dark chocolate, but not as sweet as white chocolate. This is due to a mixture of milk and sugar. While the white chocolate has a very sweet flavor because it has no cocoa liquor. Because dark chocolate is chocolate the most natural (no added sugar or milk that is too much), then the dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate and it often used as a medical friend because cocoa contains theobromine, a substance which is very bitter healthy in nature.

The contents of manufacture on each chocolate are also different. On dark chocolate is the simplest and most basic because it contains cocoa liquor, cocoa butter and sugar. While the chocolate milk contained more mixed materials, which contain smaller portions of cocoa, cocoa butter milk liquor, and sugar. And the white chocolate, mixtures ingredients over to look like candy, namely: it contains cocoa butter, lecithin, sugar, milk solids and other spices. that’s why white chocolate is often not regarded its existence as part of chocolate, many argue that too much ingredients in white chocolate mixture does not highlight the original chocolate.

In its history, it turns dark chocolate is the most historic because it was discovered in 1828, eating dark chocolate is made solid. Then, in 1875, Daniel Peters created the first chocolate White chocolate milk comes later, after World War I, when it was introduced by the Swiss. Hence is known that levels of cocoa liquor in chocolate affect the bitterness.

What is the good news on the chocolate is that the findings stated that chocolate is a medical friend in the treatment of various severe diseases. It is because cocoa powder has many nutritional benefits, because they contain flavonoids and polyphenols, which antioxidants and is said to relieve heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes type II, and prevented scores of other diseases. Cocoa also contains epitachin, flavonoids which widen blood vessels and heart, leading to reduced cardiac risk. But keep in mind that what can be friends with chocolate, dark chocolate only, and not milk chocolate or white chocolate which has a mix of others.

Popularity of the three chocolate is also varied. Dark chocolate is more popular known among those who have problems with sweet foods such as diabetics, because in addition to having lower sugar content than the two other chocolate, dark chocolate helps the healing process. While the chocolate milk into the middle road and preferably different walks of life. And liked the white chocolate is like deciding to commit which lifetime like it or not.
By eating chocolate accompanied by knowledge, then you have a good foundation for your health and your favorite food, chocolate.

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