The Question of Does Lipton Green Tea Have Caffeine

Does Lipton Green Tea Have CaffeineThere are a lot of people who are asking does Lipton green tea have caffeine. If you are also asking for the same answer from that question, you will need to know one simple fact that tea also has the caffeine as one of the main containment, including the green tea. That means the Lipton green tea also have the caffeine inside as one part of the containment. However, there are some additional things that you might need to know related with the fact that the green tea also has the caffeine.

The first one that you need to know is the fact that tea has the considerably small number of caffeine. For the number of caffeine that you can get from Lipton green tea, you will only find about 30mg of caffeine on one tea bag. Therefore, you should not ask does Lipton green tea have caffeine anymore. The second thing that you need to know is that most adults can handle up to the average maximum limit of 400mg of caffeine in a day. That means you can simply take about 13 tea bags of the Lipton green tea in a day if you want. You might not need to worry, unless your body is not strong enough to handle the caffeine from the green tea.

The next one that you need to know is that the caffeine level from the tea bags can be increased based on the brewing time of the tea. If you brew the tea for more than five minutes, you can make sure that you will get more caffeine so that you do not need to ask does Lipton green tea have caffeine, since the caffeine level will be increased. Therefore, if you want to get the lower caffeine, do not brew your tea for too long.

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