Tips Sleep Well Though It Does Not Have AIR CONDITIONING

Sleeping with the hot conditions are indeed very torturing, not quality sleep obtained, thus hard eyes closed because of the stifling heat. Lucky if you have an air conditioner, but what if the room you have installed AIR CONDITIONING?

As reported by the pages of the Daily Star, seven ways this can be interpreted to improve sleep quality in times of hot weather.

1. put pillowcases to the fridge

Try putting Your pillowcase in the refrigerator for a few minutes before going to bed. Even though it didn’t last long, but with a cool pillow case, you’ll sleep more quickly.

2. Wear clothing that absorbs perspiration

The sweat produced when we are sleeping quite a lot. If you wear clothes that don’t absorb sweat, then you will be more tormented. Dressing Your bed with material such as cotton for easy absorbing sweat.

3. Take a shower before going to bed

Take a shower before going to bed is also quite helpful to refrigerate the body after a long day of activities. The heat from the body will come out when you take a shower before bed.

4. prepare drinking water

At a time when awakened from sleep in the middle of the night because of the hot weather we usually lazy to get out of bed because of a very very sleepy. However, our bodies still need liquid to cool the body. Therefore, prepare your bottles of drinking water and may be located near the bunk bed you.

5. use the fan

Currently growing fan technology, some brands can even generate enough wind is cool.

6. Open the window vent

Open the window in the front and back of the House could give the still small voice. However, make sure that there are not many mosquitoes.

7. Chill the pulse

Over the water to Your pulse points (wrists, neck and head). If you’re really hot you can lie down with put wet towels that are compressed with cold water on the head.

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