Types of Men’s Brown Dress Shoes

The following are some most common dress shoe styles found in men’s wardrobe in some color options including brown dress shoes.

Oxfords (AKA Balmoral)

Brown dress shoes alongside with black color ones are the most popular for Oxfords. This shoe is the classic style that has formal, elegant and dressy appeal. The sleeker means more formal. Pair these Oxfords dress shoes with pants.

Derby (aka Blüchers)

Quite similar with Oxford shoes, the only difference is the lacing which is sewn outside of the shoes hence displaying visible flaps.

Considered as less formal than classic Oxford, Derby comes in any color and material, in which brown dress shoes can be perfect for smart-casual dress combinations like jeans, dress shorts, and sport coats.

it is said that Loafer are the best friends for traveling business men. They are comfortable and versatile with easy slip on and off plus security. Loafers’ brown dress shoes definitely look great with jeans and dress pants, as well as with suits when not wearing a necktie.

Cap Toes

Cap toe refers to the extra layer of leather near the front of the shoes. Highly depends on the style and formatly, cap toed brown dress shoes go well with suits, tuxedos, or jeans.

Monk Straps

It refers to the buckled strap which replaces shoe laces, can be cap toed and wingtipped. A perfect choice for person who seeks more unique attractive style.

The wing tip refers to the shape of the cap toe that looks like wings stretching across the front of the shoe. Most are Derby shoes decorated with brogue leather.

Formal Pumps

Or called as Opera pump, a formal type of loafer made from shiny black patent leather, are only suited for formal  black tie or white tie ensembles.

Dress Boots

Sleek and minimalistic boot style can be worn with jeans, odd trousers, and suits (in rainy or snowy weather).

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