Video Games from the Future

With video game technologies progressing so fast and so far from where it began, one can’t help but entertain the concept of where it’s going to go out of here. After all, that is a portion of a bigger creative process, and we’d like to think our writings lead in some small way. One of the earliest video games which we can remember is Commodore’s “Pong.” But never did we think the industry would have reached the point at which it is today. One thing is for certain, however, and that’s the gaming is pushing full drive forward.

Now we did a little fantasizing to see where our imagination and needs would take us.
The following provides some ideas of what can be achieved short of a small thing known as, “impossible .”

We are a small intrigued with the “Sun Game Glasses” idea. Wearing a pair of dark sunglasses and utilizing the technology employed by Nintendo’s “Wii” method we can see a match take place before our eyes and interact with it with a device that’s about the size of a pen. As this isn’t exactly a new notion, we are curious to see exactly what develops out of University of South Australia’s ‘ARQuake’ project1 – a springboard for this kind of gambling to develop shortly for sure.

Another cool idea we’d like to see erupt inside the game market is the ability to talk to the characters within a game. Some games make it possible for players to talk to game characters already textually. However, we’d love to find this pushed a little farther. We would love to be able to interact with characters: ask questions, joke around, warn and speak to them as if we were speaking to the human being. And we’d like to hear these characters talk back! It is the greatest artificial intelligence opportunity, and though it would probably be years before that this technology would be available on a wide scale, we are convinced it would be a hit.

Will we ever reach the stage where we can play in a simulated environment exactly the way the characters in Star Trek: The Next Generation can perform? Virtual reality is getting close, but the truth of this simulation has been gone the moment we put on the silly-looking gloves and goggles. For simulation of this kind to work, there needs to be as small a barrier between gamers and the game as possible. We do not know what to simply think we are a match; we would like to feel we’re within a game and to tell the truth, we do not wish to need to go someplace outside our home to achieve that.

The tv or monitor will suffice for today, but in the long run, we are likely to need to be surrounded with all the components which make gaming the miracle it is today. We’re likely to need to change our dens or bedrooms to some digital alien ship or simulated jungle. In a nutshell, we need a brand new world.

One potential obstacle to bringing this fantasy into our living rooms would be general approval. Would the public be prepared for this high degree of amusement? And can the people handle it? Immediately following Nintendo’s Wii launch, clients were prepared to whine that they needed their old controller back! So just like with any new development, there will be unintended consequences, and although we are gung-ho for these kinds of improvements, we also share concerns about the effect it would have on a viewer that isn’t “virtually ready.”

Consequently, we can certainly picture some laws introduced which restricted the use of our fantasy gambling. We already have some legislation that attempts the same today, and in our opinion, that’s a fantastic thing. The last thing we want to encounter in gaming is physical injury – especially when we’re attempting to enjoy the virtual entertainment!

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