When Cleaning Kitchen Window In Morning

When Cleaning Kitchen Window In Morning

Contrary to what you think, to clean windows you will not have to wait for a sunny day. Better a dry but cloudy day. In fact, the sun is likely to warm the detergent you are using, making it thick and fluffy, with the risk of having more difficulty in rinsing the surfaces of the windows.
Haste is a bad counselor

In the case of cleaning, unfortunately haste is a bad counselor. partially cleaned and superficially environments will only lead to loss of time, because it will be necessary to intervene again in a short time. Better to rely on good planning, and engage in depth to a room at a time. In order to intervene in an effective way once.

Read the instructions

Do not use the same generic product without distinction for all surfaces of the house, from those of the bathroom floors. Before you begin, take a look at instructions, identifying the most suitable detergents for surfaces on which you have to intervene. You will avoid damaging them and you can find the best products in terms of quality and price.

Clean from left to right

When cleaning, be careful to the direction in which you pass the wipers on surfaces. The more effective is moving from left to right in an orderly manner up to complete the job, avoiding to drag the dirt randomly and counterproductive.

Do not overdo it with products

Do not go overboard with detergents and cleaners. To clean the most of the surfaces of the house does not need to use excessive amounts of detergents and cleaners, remember you have to rinse and that (you review section 5) will be good to follow the instructions, or you’ll have to spend much time in vain to rinse. And cleanliness is not the most efficient course, indeed.

The vacuum cleaner can not aspire to infinity

Have you noticed a strange smell as you pass the vacuum cleaner Or there seems that it is no longer able to suck effectively Before you think that something is irreparably broken, better check the box or bag containing the dirt sucked it could simply be full. So careful to replace it regularly, to avoid malfunctioning and bad smell.

Choose the right products for elettorniche equipment

Indiscriminately use common detergents that we use for all surfaces is a mistake to be avoided, especially when it comes to electronic equipment of the house. Screens surfaces of the television or the computer deserve special attention. And a special delicacy. As mentioned in points 1 and 2 avoid using the common sponge and spray cleaners directly on the surfaces. Use a separate cloth and a small amount of detergent, you do not need another.

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